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Digi Meetup

The event is held every two months to empower and connect HR practitioners with HR topics and issues presented by experts

Public Training

Training and certification to prepare companies and individuals to compete in the digital age

Event Management Service

Seminars, workshops and networking events organized by DigiHR to improve the quality of companies or individuals.

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DigiHR was founded in 2017 and started as an HR community with the aim of providing the best solutions for HR practitioners. DigiHR has a vision that is to advance the quality of Indonesia’s workforce by providing innovative solutions for Human Resources Management in a program called ‘Digi Meetup’ and improving the performance of digital talent to achieve their full potential in a program called ‘Digi Training’. To achieve this vision, DigiHR has a mission to contribute to advancing the development of the digital market today by providing various public training to develop the capacity and skills of digital talent.

Starting in 2017, Digi Meetup has been held 10 times and brought together more than 1,500 HR practitioners from various companies. While Digi Training began in 2018 and has already held more than 30 training and attended more than 500 participants.

To get to this point, of course DigiHR does not stand alone but is supported by our partners namely UnionSPACE and also IDEC.


Untuk menjadi komunitas HR terdepan bagi praktisi HR di era teknologi digital.


Memberdayakan komunitas HR dengan mempertemukan praktisi HR dengan para pakar untuk mendukung pengembangan HR dalam perusahaan di era teknologi digital.

Other Services

Consulting & Research

Conducting various market research done professionally by HR experts

Marketing Enabler

Designing dedicated events, monthly event sponsors, and email blast specially for your marketing needs


Training and coaching to develop your employees’ soft skills, which includes communication, leadership, work ethic, teamwork, critical thinking and many more to name a few.

DigiHR Meetup

DigiHR Meetups are informal event HR executive level are eagerly looking forward to. With inspirational and educational expert talks, the meetups followed by casual discussion and networking to ensure steady turnout. Attendance ranges from 75 – 100, with interests in a wide spectrum of HR topics, includes culture and people development in digital industry. Meetup duration is half-day with coffee break.

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Dedicated Event

Holding a special event for your company will be easy with DigiHR. We can help you invite speakers and participants (up to 20 participants) to fill out and attend a 3-hour event. Special events will help you gather your target market and introduce your company.

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Corporate Training

Why Train With Us


Learn how to integrate with different digital marketing programs to achieve optimized performance.


Cost-effective due to business owners to run and integrate digital marketing programs in-house.


Learn about the latest technological trends, how they impact your brand and how you should adapt to them.


Expert trainers with rich experiences based on related industry.

Our Modules

Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • And more...
Data Science
  • Data Science Fundamentals
  • Data Science for Marketing
  • Machine Learning for Data Science
  • And more...
Custom Course
  • Learn and grow however you want. Design your courses to what your company needs and desire.

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Digi Training is always attended by talented individuals with quality and passion for work. So our Hiring Partner and help companies find the best candidates. Find your best candidates in Digi Training.